Here is a selection of the most common questions our engineers get asked. We hope you find this section useful, if you cant find an answer to your questions then please call us, we will be happy to help

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a selection of the most common questions our engineers get asked. We hope you find this section useful, if you cant find an answer to your questions then please contact us, we will be happy to help.

Q Why should I have my boiler serviced each year?
A For your boiler to work safely and economically, all boiler manufacturers recommend that the appliance is serviced each year by a competent person (Gas Safe registered).

Q Why would a person servicing or repairing my boiler need to be Gas Safe registered?
A Gas Safe check the competency of Gas Service Engineers by making sure they have passed both practical and theory exams relating to the installation and maintenance of gas appliances. By law any person working on gas appliances and pipework must be Gas Safe registered.

Q My boiler seems to be working perfectly fine, so why should I bother getting it serviced?
A When your boiler is working to provide you with heat and hot water, it is burning gas inside a precision made device which is dependent on. All the flue seals being sound, the air supply and ventilation being adequate, all the boiler safety devices functioning correctly, the correct gas pressure being present, the boiler being clean and all the components being intact. So although your boiler may seem to be working fine - it may in fact not be working in a safe condition!

Q They put a smell in gas so you’ll know if it leaks don’t they?
A That is true. But the problem with a gas boiler leaking carbon monoxide is that there is NO smell.

Q How can you tell if my boiler is working safely and economically after you have serviced it?
A After some preliminary tests, we will strip your boiler down, clean out any dust build-up, check the operation of all the safety devices on the boiler, check and if necessary adjust the gas pressure, the final check is carried out using an electronic device called a combustion performance tester. Once we have completed the service on your boiler we will then check and test your whole central heating system, radiators and tanks - even the ones in your loft! (Some heating systems don’t have tanks!)

Q How long does a service take?
A From start to finish it takes approx. 1 hour. It depends on what model of boiler you have got. The cost is standard though.

Q Does it make any mess in my house?
A It will not make any mess in your house as dust sheets will be used and we have a vacuum cleaner.

Q Smoke Alarms are available in case of fire, is there a device for Carbon Monoxide?
A Yes, there is technology available for your total peace of mind and safety. Carbon Monoxide alarms to BS 7860 cost just £30 + VAT including fitting they take approx 15 minutes to install and carry a 5 year guarantee. We can install one of these at the time of your service if you wish for discounted cost to you of £25 + VAT.

Q I work full time and it is very difficult for me to get time off. Can you give me a timed appointment or do I need to hang around for you the whole day?
A When you call, we will be pleased to arrange a timed or even a Saturday morning appointment if you prefer.

Q Can you remind me when the Servicing is due each year?
A People do tend to forget when they last had their boiler serviced, so we will write or phone to remind you.